Village of Montgomery


Montgomery, IL

Project Size

27 Basins & 1 Prairie

Time Period

2007 - Present

Role of the Firm

Project Description

In 2007, the Village hired Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. as the Village’s “Native Landscape and Water Quality Maintenance Contractor”. Once the Village had taken control of a naturalized basin, Pizzo was charged with bringing any under-performing basins into acceptance and maintaining all of the Village-controlled basins once acceptance standards had been met. In 2007 the Village was in control of 3 naturalized basins, as of 2020 the Village is in control of 27 naturalized basins and 1 prairie. Tasks include native seed, plug, and tree installation, mowing, herbicide application, seed collection & dispersal, professional prescribed fire and vegetation monitoring. Our work on this project has been recognized with several industry awards during this time.

Project Goals

To achieve stormwater management volume control while also addressing and improving water quality outcomes. To increase the quantity and quality of natural area habitat throughout the Village, reduce goose populations, and maintaining/improving the aesthetics of the naturalized stormwater management spaces throughout the community.

Project Scope

This contract includes management of the naturalized stormwater basins located within the Village of Montgomery limits. To date, there are twenty-seven (27) basins and one (1) prairie that are under the control of the Village and fall under the jurisdiction of this contract. Our services include, but are not limited to: native plant and seed installation, brush clearing, mowing, selective herbicide applications to invasive species, prescribed fire, wildlife trapping, and installation of rock outcropping fishing/viewing platforms in certain shoreline areas.

Photos of the Project