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Prescribed Fire

A prescribed fire is the most cost effective form of natural area stewardship and continues the necessary process that nature started thousands of years ago. It is the ideal solution to control certain invasive species, stimulate the growth of native plants, increase plant and animal diversity and to reduce woody growth. The one constant is safety. Prescribed fires must be performed by highly trained and experienced personnel who are intimately familiar with the existing site conditions. A poorly planned or executed prescribed fire can cause significant environmental and property damage and a risk to health and life.

Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. gives each site a specific prescription, taking into account the site ecology, time of year, wind direction, relative humidity, and the number of crew members and amount of equipment that will be required to execute the fire safely and effectively. Our supervisors, burn bosses and crews have extensive practical experience working with local agencies. They are certified in the S130/S190/S290 sections of wildland fire training and are equipped with clothing and equipment that meet the National Wildfire Coordination Group (NWCG) standards. All prescribed fires are conducted with permits from the state Environmental Protection Agency divisions and the local fire department. Local fire and police departments are contacted prior to, during, and after the fire. We provide written notification to commercial and residential addresses adjacent to the burn site when required.