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Village of Montgomery

Montgomery, IL

In 2007, the Village of Montgomery hired Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. as the Village’s “Native Landscape and Water Quality Maintenance Contractor”.  Within the Village, water quality is an extremely important issue.  To achieve their desired water quality outcomes, detention basins are required to be naturalized, thereby improving the quality of water passing through these stormwater systems.  To ensure uniform guidelines, the Village used the existing Kane County Stormwater Ordinance as a base and developed their own document, Naturalized Stormwater Management Facility Design, Planting, and Management Plan Guidelines (PRI, January 2010), which goes a step beyond the County Ordinance and sets established standards.  These guidelines include approved native seed mixes, approved methods of installation and approved methods of maintenance.

Under the program, once a newly installed basin meets the Village standards and is accepted by the Village, the property owner(s) may opt to maintain the basin on their own (keeping the basin up to the standards required in the guidelines) or they may opt to have the basin become a Special Service Area (SSA).  If a basin becomes an SSA, the Village levies funds from the property owner(s) and takes control of basin stewardship and the responsibility of maintianing the basin up to the standards required by the guidelines.  If an owner maintaining a basin independent of the Village fails to keep the basin within acceptable standards, the Village may enforce an underlying SSA and take control of the basin maintenance.

Beginning in 2007, the Village of Montgomery was in control of only three (3) naturalized basins.  For any basins not meeting the standards, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. was responsible under the contract to bring any non-conforming basins into acceptance while continuing to maintain all of the Village-controlled basins once acceptance standards had been met.  As of 2010, the Village was in control of twelve (12) naturalized basins.  Tasks performed under the contract include but are not limited to native seed, plug, and tree installation, mowing, selective herbicide applications, seed collection & dispersal, and prescribed burning.