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St. Louis, MO

Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. was contacted during the spring of 2011 to assist the owner of a newly installed rain garden, defined as a Best Management Practice by the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District, because it was failing to perform to specification.  At the very outset of the project, the owner asked for a budget to consult him and to suggest a course of action.  Following a 2-hour introductory meeting, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. talented staff was able to chart out a project approach that led to the conditional release of the owners’ construction bonds while simultaneously precluding further action on the part of the MSD, the General Contractor, the Sub Contractor responsible for grading, and the owner.  The resulting budget was more than 80% less than more traditional re-construction methods and succeeded in bringing all of the stakeholders to the table for a productive interaction.

Following the initial engagement, the owner made a commitment to adjust the plant palette to accommodate the modified hydrology and agreed to an ongoing stewardship program that will provide the maintenance necessary to make the planting a success in the years to come.

Rain Gardens, Bio-Swales, Green Roofs and any of the other assorted Best Management Practices (BMP’s) prescribed by today’s municipal storm water codes require deep subject matter expertise.  Expertise the staff at Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. has developed over the last 20+ years that applied appropriately, can protect your investment, define a clear path forward, preserve naturalized plantings and ensure collective understanding of the intent behind such practices.