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Indian Ridge Marsh

Chicago, IL

Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. was granted its Notice-to-Proceed from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on April 15, 2011 to restore the +/- 145 Acre site to its pre-industrial condition.  During the 1970’s, the wetlands of Indian Ridge Marsh bordering the Calumet River were enclosed by steel mills and railroad lines.  The site became a dumping ground for the disposal of slag from steel operations and dredged materials from Calumet Harbor and River.  Over time, the dredge materials isolated the wetlands from it’s water source, allowing invasive species to take-over and limiting aquatic life diversity.

This multi-year project’s scope of work includes enhancing and expanding the existing aquatic, wetland, and woodland habitat areas along with establishing sand prairie, black oak savanna and Shrub-Carr habitats.  The existing remnant areas are to be quarantined in order to provide research between the original land palette and the current restoration efforts.  These efforts will also preserve the existing Black Crown Night Heron rookery already established on site.

The restoration efforts contracted through Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. have included the removal of 359 non-native tree species and invasive brush on 96% of the total site.  Approximately 1,400 tons of general debris and concrete has been removed from the site along with 700+ tires and abandoned cars.  The number one most obtrusive species on site has been Common Reed (Phragmites australis) with over 25 acres already treated with consistent herbicide applications. 

The established completion date for has been set for January 17th of 2014.