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Jack Pizzo and the Salt Creek Community Greenway Association were honored at the 2012 Illinois State Fair ...

Chicago Park District

Chicago, IL

Beginning in May of 2011, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. took over the management of over 40 sites across the City of Chicago from as far north as Loyola Street Beach in Rogers Park, to as far south as the former U.S. Steel site at 88th Street along the Lake Michigan shoreline to Columbus Park on the far west side.  Due to the distance from our Leland facilities, an urban base of operations was established to service the sites using a locally based crew.  The habitat types included in the Natural Area Services contract include beach dunes, wetlands, woodlands, mesic prairies, lagoons, woodland savannas and dry prairies.  This unique project requires the coordination of our on-the-ground efforts with the Chicago Park District’s Department of Natural Resources staff as well as with the individual Volunteer Stewards associated with each site.

In a city of over 3 million people, the aesthetic properties of each individual site are just as important as the true ecological benefit that each of the sites provide to the City of Chicago.  As part of the first year efforts to close out the 2011 fiscal year, approximately 25,000 man hours were worked, over 175,000 plugs were installed and +/- 300 cubic yards of weeds and non-native vegetation was removed across the individual project sites.  In another layer of project complexity, in order to meet the city contract requirements, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. partnered with multiple minority (M.B.E.) and women-owned (W.B.E.) sub-contractors to achieve the necessary diversity inclusion.