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Brookforest HOA

Oakbrook, IL

The Brookforest HOA shoreline stabilization site is located along Ginger Creek between Midwest Road and Regent Drive, in Oak Brook, IL.  The project encompassed the restoration of two stretches of the Ginger Creek shoreline and two pond shorelines formed by existing in-stream dams.  Over the years, bank erosion within the ponds and channel segments was caused by severe undercutting, fluctuating water levels, erosive velocities, Canadian Geese populations, ice sheer and inappropriate vegetation.  What complicated the project was that this portion of Ginger Creek contains regulatory floodplain and floodway areas that required permitting through the Village of Oak Brook, a full-waiver community that conducts required County & U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit review in-house.

Throughout the design process, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. worked closely with the project engineer to simplify the original design of extensive soil-lifts and vegetated rock toe.  The result was a re-design that stabilized approximately of 3,000 linear feet of shoreline using simple grading techniques and native vegetation.  The benefit of the re-design included drastically reduced bio-engineering measures, such as coir fiber rolls and vegetated rock toe within the higher velocity area downstream of the second dam.

Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. also played an integral part with the project engineer and the Brookforest HOA in discussions with DuPage County in order to “fast-track” the permitting process.  The desire to “fast-track” the project eliminated the need for a required FEQ stormwater model.  By having direct involvement in the planning and permitting stages, our team was able to bring significant value to the project.  In the end, the Brookforest HOA saved approximately $300,000.00 in construction costs and $50,000.00 in design fees.  We are currently in the process of implementing a comprehensive 3-year stewardship, monitoring and reporting agreement with the HOA.