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Jack Pizzo and the Salt Creek Community Greenway Association were honored at the 2012 Illinois State Fair ...


Hoffman Estates, IL

Located in Hoffman Estates’ Prairie Stone Business Park, a development dedicated to environmental awareness, the AMCOL International Headquarters is a LEED Silver building incorporating innovative landscape features to replicate the environmentally sensitive nature of the building.  The building includes a green roof where native plants dominate the soil media.  The landscape features include rain gardens, bio-swales, and prairie buffers which filter and manage on site storm water runoff.  The benefits of these features reduce runoff and pollution from the site by naturally filtering water and increasing on site infiltration rates.

Installed in the spring of 2009, perennial plugs were already flowering and producing viable seed in the summer and fall months of the same year.  This provided environmental benefits and beautiful aesthetics for the employees and guests that visit the corporate headquarters.  The installation of the bio-swales, rain gardens, & prairie buffer included placement of gravel mulch and a planting substrate.  In these same areas, 26,000 native perennial plugs were planted and approximately six (6) Acres were seeded using native seed.

Maintenance of the native planting includes hand weeding of invasive species within the bio-swales and rain gardens, selective herbicide treatments throughout the site, and mowing and brush cutting within the prairie buffer.  Continued Stewardship of the site is vital given the surrounding parcels that remain undeveloped and have a strong presence of weeds and invasive species.

As of the spring of 2012, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. is no longer managing this site.