At Pizzo & Associates, Ltd., we restore the landscape to its natural state. We have been doing this consistently better for 28 years. See for yourself.

Jack Pizzo and the Salt Creek Community Greenway Association were honored at the 2012 Illinois State Fair ...

Corporate Social Responsibility

As environmental stewards, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. is committed to restoring our shared environments’ resources. Accordingly, our environmental commitment extends beyond ecological restoration to incorporate sustainable business practices in all we do. We live by the motto “Primum non nocere” which translates to “First do no harm” and guides our corporate ethic.

At our headquarters in rural Leland, Illinois we utilize energy saving systems to reduce the company’s effect on the environment and to move toward a more sustainable development. Energy saving practices include:

  • Radiant floor heating
  • 100% fluorescent lighting, which lasts longer than traditional lighting, reduces waste and increases energy efficiency
  • Sodium vapor shop lamps
  • Terminal computing that uses up to 1/8 the amount of energy of a normal workstation
  • Tank-less water heaters that save in energy costs and fossil fuel usage
  • Landscaping with native plants that require less water and maintenance
  • A fleet of hybrid vehicles to reduce carbon emissions

The services and programs below are managed by our respected, best-in-class third-party partners who help us fulfill our mission in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Waste oil, coolant and filter recycling: 220 gallons of waste oil, 50 gallons of coolant and 112 filters (fuel & oil).
Scrap metal including steel and aluminum: 4+ tons.
Waste paper, corrugated and other miscellaneous packaging material; glass and plastic: 7+ tons.
Electronic office waste: 5 CRT’s, 3 printers and over 750 lbs. of outdated equipment.
Cell phones and batteries: 35 phones & batteries.
Field staff uniforms: Treatment of all waste water generated during the laundering process.
Crew hydration: 5-gallon reusable jugs used as opposed to disposable bottles; elimination of paper cups.
Diesel fuel & unleaded gasoline: All of our diesel engines – on and off-road – run on clean burning, ultra low-sulfur fuel containing 3% biodiesel by volume; our unleaded fuel contains 15% ethanol by volume.
Bulk Material Orders: All of our material orders are compiled and shipped in shared containers to reduce packaging and transportation costs.