At Pizzo & Associates, Ltd., we restore the landscape to its natural state. We have been doing this consistently better for 28 years. See for yourself.

Jack Pizzo and the Salt Creek Community Greenway Association were honored at the 2012 Illinois State Fair ...

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Jack and friends celebrated 25 years of Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. on June 21st, 2013 with a full day of speakers, pig roast, nature walk, and, of course, home brew and wine. 

Pizzo & Associates participate in Crossroads College Prep's Green Apple Day, helping install new gardens and maintain existing landscapes. Click here for the web-blast.

The push toward sustainable practices in the landscape: Read Jack Pizzo's latest article The Place and Time Click here for the article.

ILCA has awarded Pizzo with 4 Silver Awards for the 2012 year Awards were decreed to Liberty Lakes, Caterpillar Inc, Tanglewood Hills HOA, and Arbor Ridge Naturalized Stromwater Basin.

Four Pizzo projects are featured as part of the ASLA Stormwater Case Studies Initiative ASLA was asked by the EPA to collect case studies on projects that successfully and sustainably manage stormwater. Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. has four projects listed in Illinois showcasing naturalized stormwater management. Click here to visit the ASLA website

Jack Pizzo and the Salt Creek Greenway Association were honored at the 2012 Illinois State Fair by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) August 20th, 2011. The Salt Creek Greenway Association of Westchester focuses on watershed restoration with an active role in restoring Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve.

Rain Garden Designed by Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. Praised for On-Site Water Retention and Aesthetic Beauty
Aurora’s first rain garden on public property was initiated by the City of Aurora and planted by Valley of the Fox volunteers along the parking lot edge to the Phillips Park Zoo. Before the gardens installment, parking lot conditions were unsafe during periods of rain, accumulating deep puddles and sheets of mud. In its second year the garden successfully captures parking lot run-off along with providing a beautiful entryway to the zoo pathway.

Pizzo & Associates promote native plant design for shady areas in the Sunday Chicago Tribune. Click here to read the article

Orland Grasslands is featured in the Southtown Newspaper, recognizing our Conservation and Native Landscaping Award honored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Chicago Wilderness. Click here to read the article

Grace Koehler, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd Nursery Sales and Marketing Manager provides a hand at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale’s first green roof Click here for the article

Pizzo adopts McDonald Farms wetland and butterfly garden. Providing maintenance and stewardship in conjunction with the Conservation Foundation, Naperville, IL

Pizzo Enters Agreement with Smart Slope
Pizzo & Associates and Smart Slope, a Maryland-based Living Retaining Wall manufacturer has committed to a viable sales relationship in partnership with Pizzo’s Nursery Division. Under the terms of the agreement, Pizzo will market all Smart Slope products & services to potential customers where Smart Slope will use Pizzo Nursery plants in qualified projects to generate incremental business that is functional, ecological, and economical. Click here for more

Pizzo Enters Agreement with Caterpillar World Trading

Pizzo & Associates and Caterpillar World Trading (CWTC) have entered into a countertrade agreement. CWTC is a Caterpillar Inc. entity that works with Cat customers and dealers to encourage and enable machine users to purchase new Cat equipment. Under the terms of the agreement, CWTC will market Pizzo products & services to potential customers in an effort to generate incremental business and cash flow for Pizzo. This is to support Pizzo’s recent purchase of a model 297C skid steer and possible future machines from Cat dealer Patten Tractor.



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